Scotland 10-day course at Dhamma Sukhakāri

On 20thJuly 2019 the Scotland ten-day Vipassana Course at Dhamma Sukhakāri came to a happy end. Over thirty students and servers had travelled down to Stowmarket to attend the course. Most of them used the Coach transfer that was arranged from Glasgow.

They joined students from other places in the U.K., Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Norway, South Africa, China, and the U.S. The course started with 45 female, and 34 male students. Out of the 79 course students 29 were from Scotland and also 3 Scots were serving.

The centre, Dhamma Sukhakāri is impressively developed and organised, given its short existence and there was good support from a small but committed group of long-term, and local servers.

What people said about the course

Sophie, server:“Serving is a real opportunity to put our meditation practice into second gear and upwards. In many ways it’s rewarding as there are many ways it is challenging. What kept my momentum up, was the love, metta from my fellow servers and the assistant teachers, the determination of the students and the plenty opportunity to soak up the meditation practice. I totally recommend serving. The whole ten days is very special. Be prepared to get your smile quota for the year in these ten days.”

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Vipassana Courses at Dhamma Sukhakāri

Dhamma Sukhakāri was purchased in January 2018, becoming the UK's second 10-day centre. It is set in 20 acres of land on the edge of Haughley Green in the Suffolk countryside, a few miles from Stowmarket station.Both three-day and ten-day vipassana courses are run at Dhamma Sukhakāri.

The property has been known as Walnut Tree Manor. It’s an old farmhouse incorporating architectural styles from the 17th - 20th centuries. It has seen some major modifications and additions over time, reflecting the changing needs of the individuals, families and businesses that have resided here over the last 400 years.