Courses in Scotland

The Scottish Vipassana Committee organises a 10 day Vipassana meditation course each year for new and old students.  We also offer 1-day courses for old students.

Courses for children and teenagers are also being held in Scotland and you can find information on these courses here . For information on other old student courses being held in the UK and elsewhere please go to the Dhamma Dipa website.

Since there is no permanent Vipassana centre in Scotland as yet, the courses are being held at rented venues

How to Apply for a Course

Before applying for a course, it is important to read the Code of Discipline.

Applications are accepted online. All correspondence will be through e-mail. It may take up to two weeks before receiving notification. The easiest way to apply is by clicking on a date on the course schedule and filling out and submitting the form that is displayed.

Applications may be made from the Course Schedule page.

Courses in Europe and in the Rest of the World

There are a number of Vipassana Meditation Centres in Europe: in Germany, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Russia, where courses are held regularly twice a month. In some other European countries, where there are no centres, like in Poland, courses are organized at rented sites several times a year. No matter in which country in the world courses are organized, they all look the same, follow the same rules and are conducted in English and in the native language of the country where the course takes place.

Courses in the UK

There are two Vipassana centres in the England, Dhamma Dipa and Dhamma Padhana (for old student courses).  Information on courses held in these centres can be found by using the below links.

Courses at Dhamma Dipa

Courses for Old Students at Dhamma Padhana

Courses for Executives at Dhamma Padhana